FOCUS – Stop dabbing in so many things & focus on one! ++ #IAmSimplyBeautiful 4 Month Anniversary

Advice from my mentor: Stop dabbing in ten different areas of your business and focus on ONE. Get it right then focus on another.
I took that advice 4 months ago and man has it worked. I decided to focus on the #IAmSimplyBeautiful movement because I believe in it and business-wise it goes along with my Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful series.
I started with NO followers and just posted a picture on my personal page saying use the hashtag to support the movement.
2015-09-07_1453 2015-09-07_1452
In four months, the movement has grown to nearly 12,000 posts on Instagram, almost 4,500 followers on the movemet page, daily posts on Twitter and Facebook, an ambassadors program with representatives worldwide, the next Tainted Elegance book has tripled in contributors from the last one, and we are planning a super-de-duper launch party in Atlanta, Ga. Oh and did I mention that we will be featured in an international magazine?
I am NOT saying this to brag at all. I am saying this to inspire someone who has a million and one things going on in their business and is upset because none of them are growing like you thought they would. Stop – FOCUS ON ONE THING – and you will see results. What you spend your time on is the area you will see the most movement. When you have too many things going on, you are not giving any of them the attention they need to flourish. I used to want to do everything and try to juggle myself between all of them, then I was upset when I was exhausted and my bank account was empty. Plus how could I help others when I was drained myself?
Focus on what is most important and keep pushing forward. You have what it takes to be successful…Never give up. You just might be a few steps before your breakthrough and you don’t even now it.
FacebookCampaign Began: May 5, 2015
Use the #IAmSimplyBeautiful hashtag to support the fact that ALL women are beautiful regardless of their shape, size, age, or skin color. Follow the movement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,

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