Rapper Dee-1 Mixtape BANNED!


“I’d like to apologize to all the fans. This is a project that was needed in hip hop and i was excited to give it to you all.” – Dee-1

After waiting for Dee-1‘s Separated At Birth mixtape to drop today, fans were disappointed when Dee-1 announced on social media that it had gotten BANNED!

Many followers had some choice words to say when they found out:
















Dee-1 went on to say in his post, “All i can say is that 1. this industry is truly crazy smh, 2. some bold actions have taken place behind the scenes, and 3. some people fear what the truth sounds like. Trust me, if no one threatened legal recourse, I would still drop it because I worked hard on this and i think this music would bless all who hear it, and add a much-needed perspective to hip hop.

He also spoke on the fact that his personal safety was also a factor, “The topic of my personal safety was also brought up to be honest, but truthfully God has me covered so I was neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever worried about that.”

According to Rapzilla, here is an official statement from a rep from Dee-1‘s label:

“The label did ask him to not release it — basically business reasons,” Tricia Newell, RCA Inspiration’s publicist, said. “Everything was not vetted, and he has an album that he should be working on; that we’re looking forward to promoting. We just felt like it wasn’t the right time for a mixtape. We should concentrate on the full album, get that out and build his anticipation for that.”

Newell also went on to say, “…I think the legal repercussions may have possibly stemmed from us feeling like the project wasn’t properly vetted; before everything was cleared. There’s a difference when you’re an artist independently putting out a mixtape versus a signed artist. But as far as anything else, I don’t know anything about that, but, yes, it was us that asked him to hold on that.”

Appearing to be disappointed along with his fans, Dee-1 posted a picture in a ski mask with the following text on Instagram this evening:


CLICK HERE to see the picture.

{My Thoughts} Now that you have the facts, I must admit that I was apprehensive when I found out that Dee signed with RCA because I know the control that record labels have on what you put out, but when I saw the mixtape I knew there was going to be some issues. I felt like this mixtape is one of the realest mixtapes that would have been released in a long time. Being born and raised in New Orleans, I grew up listening to and bumping Lil’ Wayne, so for Dee-1 to call him out on the mixtape and say that he created  more conscious, thought-provoking versions of [Wayne’s] well-known songs,” I was a fan from the jump. But, I had a feeling that either Lil’ Wayne would take legal action (hopefully not violent action) and/or RCA would pull the plug. And that is just what happened. 

We will just have to see what happens to this mixtape in the future. Two singles were released on Soundcloud before it got banned, go check Tha Block is Hot” and “Call Yo Bluff out.

Orange Mixtapes who were supposed to release the mixtape said in a comment to Rapzilla, “We still hope to release the tape once we clear up any possible legal threats and, more importantly, the concern for Dee-1‘s personal safety.”

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