Media Assignment – The POLC Method and the movie Set It Off

Movie Title : Set It Off


  1. Task: Planning: Describe a scene in the movie that shows a minimum of 3 planning elements. (i.e. You must choose a scene that shows an example of Objectives. And, then you must choose scenes showing 2 other elements, either Forecasting, Scheduling, Budgeting, or Procedure.)


Objectives & Scheduling: Cleo, Stoney, and Frankie are in the car discussing what their plans should be to pull off the robbery. Tisean is pacing outside of the car upset about her son just being taken from her. Frankie tells Cleo to take a note to the merchant. She usually has $23,000 in her till,  but on Wednesday’s she could have $35,000. The plan is to give her the note and for Cleo to tell her to not draw from the right hand clip, which sets off the alarm. Cleo shows that she understands by telling her that she would tell the merchant that she would put the gun in her mouth if she even tries to pull from the right clip. Stoney asks about plan B and Cleo says she is tires of planning and just wants to “go up in there and take all of the money.” While Cleo is at the merchant, Frankie tells stoney to survey the room for the (Cash) Cow that goes around giving tellers money when they are low. Frankie states that if the Cow is there, they will have at least $50,000. During their planning (objectives), they decided to do it on a Wednesday because that is when the bank gets their money and has at least $35,000 on hand.


Forecasting & Budgeting:

After planning what they were going to do, while they were at the shooting range Cleo asks to talk to Black Sam (Dr. Dre) and he asks what she needs. She tells him she needs something (weapons) she can “set it off” with. He asks her to hook him up with Frankie and Cleo stresses that she will pay him back with interest if he does it for them. He agrees and he tells one of the guys there to hook them up.


Cleo is then seen with sunglasses on smoking a cigarette and uses a tool to set off a car alarm in a parking garage. She gets in the car and starts it, then throws CDs out the window that she doesn’t like. She finds a cd she likes and speeds off. She just found and stole their get-a-way car.




To develop the procedures, such as how to get in, how to get the money and where the cameras were, Stoney walks through the bank, checking out all of the cameras on her way in. She passes Tisean in another line. She is stopped by an associate of the bank and tells him her name is Miss Dorsey. She states she would like to open up an account and he starts walking her to another area. Tisean is seen peaking around the corner. When the associate tells her it is $1,000 to open an account, she asks him if they usually have long lines. He tells her that that is not a problem because they usually have 14 tellers. He then tells her that he is a corporate manager from upstairs, but he is interested in dating her. She takes his number and leaves with Tisean. They discuss that her goal was to go there to case the bank and she got caught up with the manager. The actual procedures were never implied except noting where the cameras were, and the amount of people that were in the bank on that day.


  1. Task: Organizing: Describe a scene that shows a minimum of 2 elements. (Selecting the team is required.)


Selecting the team & Delegation: Frankie, Tisean, Cleo and Stoney are sitting in the high-rise office building they work at and are discussing wearing hats, wigs and sunglasses to go in and rob a bank. What started as a joke or so thought Tisean and Stoney was about to become a reality. They discuss the fact that Darnell got shot when him and his team robbed the bank that Frankie was working at. Frankie states that they were fools, but with what she knows about banks they can pull it off. (It is here that she delegates herself a the leader.) Tisean asks her, “What if somebody get’s hurt?” and Frankie reassures her that no one will get hurt and tells her that she is just scared. Frankie says it is “the perfect crime” and that the bank has insurance to cover the people’s money which makes it sound better to the girls. She continues to convince them to do it by telling them that they will be taking from the system that is messing over all of them anyway. Stoney is the first one to say, “Let’s do it!”  As with procedures (see above),  the next scene is when Stoney finishes walking through the bank, checking the cameras and their angles and casing the bank, her and Tisean discuss that her goal (implied that it was issued by Frankie) was to go there to case the bank and she got caught up with the manager.


  1. Task: Leading: Describe a scene that shows a minimum of 3 elements. (Motivating is required.)


Motivating, Communication, & Making Decisions: They arrive in the bank wearing wigs and Tisean is having second thoughts. Then Stoney starts having second thoughts as well. Frankie isn’t going to hear it. You can tell by her non-verbal communication. Her motivation is by action on her part. It was an are you in or are you out moment. Her team knew it was a you either do it or you don’t moment.  Without hesitation, she pulled a gun out of her shirt and runs into the bank (Decision). Cleo and Stoney follow not having a split-second to think about their decision. Tisean takes her wig off and runs outside. They tell everyone to stay down and Cleo makes the guard get down on the floor.



People Development:  After planning what they were going to do, all of the ladies are seen at the shooting range firing guns at a target. They were practicing their shooting skills at fake people not only to brush up on their skills, but to also help Tisean not be afraid as she just got on board with the plan when her son was taken from her and was still skeptical that they could pull this off.



  1. Task: Controlling: Describe a scene that shows a minimum of 2 elements. (Performance standard is required.)


Performance standards & Evaluating performance: The ladies are discussing what they did and in walks Tisean who took the bus to them. She states that they weren’t ready to rob the bank. Cleo is so excited and they state they made $12,000 in 60 seconds without harming anyone. Later that day, the ladies are setting around adding up the money and Stoney cuts Tisean a portion of the money even though she did not follow through with robbing the bank. Frankie is upset with that because she did not do anything, but Stoney states she needs it more than anything and Cleo states she was there. Tisane states she doesn’t want the money and tells Frankie if she wants to fight her then do it because she is tired of the way she acts. Frankie apologizes and gives her the money.





  1. Task: Conclusion Paragraph


Summarize what you learned about the POLC model: I learned that each step of the process is a necessary component of being an excellent leader. The POLC model breaks the steps down for any main goal that you want your team to reach in a step-by-step format. The steps really get you thinking deep about what needs to happen to reach a specific goal. First off, you should always have a plan in place and a S.M.A.R.T. goal that you are trying to accomplish to keep your team on track. That is the basis of a manager’s job. Then you should have the plan broken down so everyone knows how you expect things to play out, what resources you need to achieve the goal, what the main objectives are and a standard process for achieving what you and your team set out to. When selecting members of a team, you need to look at their skills to determine what role best suits each person. The leader is responsible for delegating the rolls and making sure that each person has what they need to do the job they are supposed to do. A manager is also responsible for making sure that the working climate is balanced and friendly. It is a manager’s job to handle any conflicts to the best of their ability. Good communication is one of the most important tasks of a good leader. Leaders must communicate in a clear and effective manner, so that the team member knows what their duty is, how they are expected to achieve it, when it is due by, etc. I feel that many team members lack motivation, not because they hate their job, but because their manager is not encouraging to continue to do better and better. Leaders must find ways to keep those on their team motivated, encourage, and striving to do the best job they can. As a leader, you must also think about the timing of tasks and projects and choose the best time to get them done including tasks with those you manage. Timing is important especially when a conflict arises and you must act quickly to handle it. Any good leader must be willing to help their team grow and get better by providing training or resources to help them on their journey. A transparent leader that admits his mistakes or short coming is a leader that their team will trust and listen to.  One of my favorite steps of the POLC model is Controlling. To be a good manager of a team, you must have clear objectives, so that you know when they are met and you must evaluate employee performance, so that employees can be praised on what they are excelling at and discuss ways to improve their performance in areas they may be struggling with. This whole model is BASED around communication with those a leader manages. If any of these four stages in the model are not in order, than there is a breakdown in the system between a team and it’s manager and that leaves room for errors, miscommunication, and many more problems.




  1. Task: Reference (APA Formatted)


Minimum one reference, which is the show:

Set It Off. Dir. F. Gary Gray. Perf. Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox. New Line Cinema, 1996. DVD.


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