Effective Management Skills in Business

Hi everyone!  “What skills do you believe are essential to being an effective manager?” I selected this question to elaborate on because by researching people’s answers, I found that it is based on the person and their beliefs to what they look for in an effective manager.

Cordy Rierson’s answer included flexibility because we are oftentimes comfortable managing the known, but it is often a challenge to manage the unknown. Things change unexpectedly that a manager has to be able to think on his/her feet and handle with confidence. She also talked about prioritizing tasks, making sure that all the components of a day are organized well and that all of the day to day activities sync up together.

I agree for the most part with her answers. In managing my publishing team, I agree that flexibility is a key ingredient of being an effective manager. While publishing a book can be a fun process, there can be roadblocks such as formatting or editing errors, last minute changes, missing deadlines, and more. Those things can throw you off track, but you must be flexible and adjust what you are doing according. When managing people, there is always room for errors or situations to arise. You must be prepared to face them head on when they do and solve them the best way possible.

One of the compilation books I published, Fearless Poets Against Bullying, had to be pushed back for months before it was released due to a couple unexpected situations such as the formatter becoming sick and having to be off work for a while as well as the cover taking longer to get done than was expected. These were all situations that had to be faced and being flexible helped me to not freak out and upset my team as well as the co-authors in the process.

I will be the first one to admit that when I started my business, I was not the best leader. I believed that for things to be done right, I had to do them myself. I became overworked and my team members felt that I did no trust them to handle various tasks. I learned that you must prioritize tasks, but more importantly, you must delegate tasks to others. When you free yourself as a leader from the mentality of “it’s your way or no way” or “if it’s going to be right, do it yourself” then you are allowing your team to show you their strengths and you are free to handle that tasks that you need to focus on. It is an amazing thing when a team comes together in sync to complete a project!

I also believe that transparency is a huge trait/skill that a successful leader needs. When a leader is honest and open with their team, their team begins to trust them and is honest and open with their leader. When a leader is closed or stand-offish then it caused the team member to not have a bond or trust with the leader and they are less likely to listen to the leader.

During my research, I found an awesome articles on Forbes titled, 6 Fundamentals That Can Make You A Better Manager in 2014. Many of the principles align in one way or another with Ms. Rierson’s answers as well as my own including flexibility, expecting excellence from your team, clear focus for objectives, using your time efficiently, providing timely feedback, and handle conflict directly and fairly.

That article brought up another good trait: Time Management. We all are given the same amount of time each day to achieve greatness in our lives, but how is it that some people get more done than others? It all revolves around managing your time effectively. As a manager, when you manage your time well, you are setting a good example for your team and they will follow suit. Instead of working “hard”, show your team how to work “smart”.

Here is a video of Steve Jobs where he talks about managing people and how to effective encourage team work in your business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f60dheI4ARg

This is the link to the Forbes article, 6 Fundamentals That Can Make You A Better Manager in 2014



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