360 Reach Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in my 360 Reach Survey for school! Below are the anonymous results.

Results Summary

The summary below represents all the 360Reach responses you have received so far.

The summary of the data you received:

Brand Attributes
Brand skills
Leadership Competencies
Strengths and Weaknesses
Projective exercises
Team role

Your brand attributes

Passionate (8) Inspiring (7) Motivating (7)
Visionary (7) Loving (6) Self-motivated (6)
Positive (5) Confident (4) Creative (4)
Enterprising (4) Optimistic (4) Giving (3)
Ambitious (2) Big (personality) (2) Colorful (2)
Devoted (2) Enthusiastic (2) Entrepreneurial (2)
Humble (2) Intelligent (2) Sincere (2)
Assertive (1) Bright (1) Collaborative (1)
Community-oriented (1) Dependable (1) Driven (1)
Easygoing (1) Funny (1) Generous (1)
Geniune (1) Happy (1) Inventive (1)
Likable (1) Multi Task (1) Pro-active (1)
Quirky (1) Religious (1) Socially-conscious (1)
Sophisticated (1) Spirited (1) Spiritual (1)
Striving (1) Successful (1) Supportive (1)
Trustworthy (1)

Your brand personas (Available after 10 responses)

Your brand skills

Empowering (8) Inspiring others (8) Motivating (7)
Visioning (6) Relating to others/Building relationships (5) Developing ideas (4)
Public speaking (4) Team building (4) Thinking internationally / globally (4)
Coaching (3) Creating (3) Facilitating groups (3)
Managing projects (3) Organizing (content, activities) (2) Communicating(listening, speaking) (1)
Establishing thought-leadership (1) Growing professionally (1) Learning (1)
Prioritizing (1) Solving problems (1) Sourcing talent/funds (1)

Your leadership competencies (Available after 10 responses)

Strengths and weaknesses
Your greatest strengths:
being able to empower and encourage others (2)
Ashley is a true inspiration to me as well as others. (1)
Being positive and friendly towards others. (1)
Being positive and motivation (1)
Bringing people together (1)
caring (1)
Creativity (1)
her kindness (1)
Her passion for inspiring others. (1)
Inspiring the less inspired (1)
Motivating and Inspiring. (1)
she is relatable (1)
She has a genuine heart (1)

Your greatest weaknesses:
time management (2)
I’m not sure if she has one (1)
I honestly don’t know! (1)
None come to mind (1)
Responding in a timely manner (1)
she doen’t have it (1)
she may not be thinking big enough. go girl! (1)
Saying no. (1)
Stay connected at times (1)
Taking on too much at once (1)
To give her yourself more credit (1)
Unknown. (1)
x (1)

Projective exercises

Type of Cereal:
frosted flakes, cause she’s grrrreat! (2)
cinnamon toast crunch ; taste good by itself but if you added its team members milk and spoon .. that also taste pretty good to. (1)
capt. crunch berries because ashley takes charge and stands for good. the crunch berries are the extra sweetness and color she brings to this world. (1)
fruitloops,. she has a colorful personality (1)
honey nut cheerios because she is sweet and good for the heart (1)
lucky charms, becuse she is magical and a great person (1)
na (1)
oatmeal – because she’s comforting and has a warmth she spreads to others. (1)
raisin bran. she’s natural but very sweet. (1)
total!! she is the complete package! (1)
trix….. all different sizes and colors and ya cant go wrong with that blend (1)
wheaties: strong, and gives energy to others. (1)
x (1)

Household Appliances:
the washing machine because she can recycle the way others see themselves into something better. (2)
a vaccum cleaner,, because keeps everything in order (1)
a blender because ashley has a way of bringing others together to empower and inspire the world. (1)
a washing machine. no matter how we came to know her, ashley makes us become better people. (1)
blender: mixes beautiful ingrendients together to make delicious growth in individuals. (1)
coffee machine, she is strong and confident (1)
my stove cause she is hot. (1)
na (1)
no idea. (1)
refridgerator because because she can take in a lot and still keep cool (1)
unknown (1)
washer and dryer… no matter how dirty something seems there’s always a clean side to things (1)
x (1)

Team Role
(6) Leader – creates a vision, assembles the team, takes charge, assigns tasks, measures progress.
(3) Administrator – manages administrative tasks, responds to questions, keeps team members informed.
(2) Motivator – inspires others to be their best and successful members of the team.
(1) Care Giver – ensures that all members of the team are happy and cared for.
(1) Creator – comes up with creative ideas for what to do and how to do it.
(1) Project Manager – manages all aspects of the project (budget, people, schedule, etc.)

– Ashley is a great person, she motivates me everyday with her quotes and videos and i love her so much !
– Ashely is well rounded and can adapt to any environment
– Ashley could use more experience in building teams to help with her mission, instead of trying to do it all and falling being or becoming overwhelmed.
– One love
– Ashley is an absolute joy! A true inspiration to me. I have stepped out of my comfort zone because of her. I see nothing short of abundant blessings in her life and future!


Self Survey/Others Comparison

One of the most important aspects of this survey is the self/others comparison. This allows you to understand the level of consistency between how you see yourself and how others see you. Below, you will see your self survey results in the left column and the consolidation of input from your respondents in the right column. Brand Personas/Leadership Competencies with a total score of ‘1’ or ‘2’ are not shown in this list.

There may be fewer or more than ten Brand Personas/five Leadership Competencies listed here. This happens when:

  1. The attributes/skills selected were combined into a smaller number of Brand Personas/Leadership Competencies;
  2. Some of the attributes were written in and they are not listed as Brand Personas (refer to your summary or self survey summary to see these attributes); or
  3. Multiple Brand Personas/Leadership Competencies received the same score and therefore have the same ranking (and are listed together).

Also regarding the self survey data below: Since similar brand attributes combine into Brand Personas and similar skills are combined into Leadership Competencies, these items appear first by number of combined responses (if you chose similar items to describe you) then by the rank order you assigned when you performed your self survey. This allows you to see a more accurate comparison between your self survey and the consolidated feedback from others.

Brand Personas
Self Others
1. Philanthropist (1) 1. Motivator (14)
2. Confidence Emitter (1) 2. Evangelist (10)
3. Entrepreneur (1) 3. Optimist (9)
4. Motivator (2) 4. Caregiver (7)
5. Charmer (1) 5. Self-starter (7)
6. Optimist (1) 6. Visionary (7)
7. Believer (1) 7. Entrepreneur (6)
8. Caregiver (1) 8. Creator (5)
9. Visionary (1) 9. Confidence Emitter (4)
10. 10. Giver (4)
Leadership Competencies
Self Others
1. Expressing (1) 1. Inspiring (26)
2. Visioning (3) 2. Visioning (17)
3. Inspiring (2) 3. Relating (12)
4. 4. Expressing (5)
5. 5. Resourcing (4)
Team Roles
Self Others
1. Leader 1. Leader (6)
2. 2. Administrator (3)
3. 3. Motivator (2)



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