Jan/Feb 2016 Recap: Sisterhood & Tainted Elegance

As I started the beginning of 2016, I knew things had to change. This had to be the year that I stopped sabotaging my own goals and start walking by faith (even more than I was doing) on this #MissionOfMagnitude. It is miserable living in your comfort zone because regardless of how comfortable you are, somewhere deep down inside you know that you want more for your life.

January was more of a planning month for me. A brief period of getting my goals and dreams together for the year and realizing that the how doesn’t even matter as long as there is a destination I want to end up at. With the wonderful help from a new friend, Zulma, I pressed forward to hold my first launch party for one of my compilation books. On February 13, 2016, after weeks, months and even years of talking to and developing online friendships, I met with some of the co-authors of my new compilation book, Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2 (and from some of the other books as well) at BRIO Tuscan Grill in Atlanta, Ga for brunch/lunch.


Left: Vanessa J. Ross, Desh Dixon, & Lyneise Rachelle

Right: Zulma Berenice, Kirsti Paradis, and my baby Phoenyx Tolbert


From left to right: Vanessa J. Ross, Shavon Goodwin, Lyneise Rachelle, Kirsti Paradis, Zulma Berenice, Desh Dixon, Phoenyx Tolbert, and myself (Ashley Love)

We had a fabulous time. It is amazing that I feel so close to women that I had only connected with online until that weekend, but God places the people you need in your life however which way when He knows you need them. I cannot forget someone who is not in these pictures, but that showed up and surprised me at the brunch as well…Ms. Serena Dorsey.


I am not sure if she even knows how crucial she has been on this ride toward achieving my dreams. Back in 2014, I released the first Tainted Elegance book titled, Tainted Elegance: In the Key of Love. It was a book of the poetry I had written and compiled for years about my own journey to growing confidence and learning to love who I am. Serena purchased the first copy of that book online. It wasn’t just the sale that was so important. It was that someone believed enough in me to purchase a copy of the book and support what I was doing. At that time, very few people believed in what I was doing and I felt like “A Desert Rose” standing along, so that gesture mattered so much more than I can tell you. Not only did Serena just come to Atlanta to support, but she is pregnant as well. This right here is what sisterhood is all about.

If you want to see more selfies and pictures from the brunch, CLICK HERE.

That evening as I raced to the event venue arriving at a little after 5 (way later than I intended to), God sent me Angels to help me set up and make sure everything was together. Vanessa Ross,  Terrell Jenkins, Charles Clark, my princess Phoenyx just to name a few helped me to make the event a success and I can’t thank them enough. Tisa Edge Glover was a fantabulous host who truly connected with the audience and kept the flow going throughout the night. Before the event, all I could think about was numbers, but the night of the event, it wasn’t about how many people were there, it was about the breakthroughs that were happening in the room and the sisterhood that was developing between the ladies. When ladies get together without jealousy, drama, competition, or bad attitudes, AMAZING things happen!

Facebook Timeline Cover Option 2

Flyer for the Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2 Pre-Release Party

Here are some awesome pictures from the event:


Phenomenal things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone! The event really pushed me beyond my comfort zone and prepared me for what is to come on the Beautyful Inside & Out Empowerment Tour and to plan my first conference in 2017! Woohoo! Do something that scares the hell out of you and see how amazing you feel when you accomplish it!


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