My #EPICAmbassador Experience & EPIC Possibilities at the upcoming #EPICCon2016 Conference


Hey my loves!

For the past few months, I have been serving as an #EpicAmbassador for the #Epic Conference that was founded by visionary Aprille Franks-Hunt. I have learned so much from her and it really has been a dream being able to work closely with her, gain valuable knowledge from her, and be able to support my mentor and her visions.


I had been following Aprille on social media for a while and was continually drawn to her genuine spirit, love for helping others WIN and her just plain raw authenticity. I have been around many entrepreneurs, but Aprille is truly one-of-a-kind. She not only wants you to see her successes and the fabulous side of her life, but she shares her struggles and not-so-perfect moments (which many people fail to show) as well. In a world filled with fakes and phony people, Aprille gave me the courage to just be ME. She was the push I needed on my confidence journey to finally give up trying to “be perfect” or at least put on a show that made it seem like my life was perfect and to let my imperfections show. Aprille’s dedication and consistency is unmatched in my eyes.



Who is Aprille Franks-Hunt? Check out this video on Aprille that I did for my Business Management class a few months ago. As busy as she is, she took the time to help me with this project and I am so grateful for that!

What does “EPIC” mean? According to the conference’s website (, EPIC stands for the following.

Engagement is everything in the social space you occupy. Understanding what engagement encompasses is imperative in your communications with your ideal audience.

Positioning is about how your brand intentionally prepares to show up on a consistent basis.

Impact is why you probably wake up in the morning. You have a message, a solution for those meant for you to connect with, to serve, to support. You want to create massive impact in your home, your local market and for the world.

Creating Consistent Cashflow is a challenge for most entrepreneurs at every level – whether you started your business a month ago or 10 years ago, understanding the landscape of your ideal clients and the ever changing climate of how to create products that produce results, systems that capture those results and a technology for duplication.

Being selected to represent the conference as an ambassador has really drawn me outside of my comfort zone and even before stepping foot into the actual event, I learned many things from Aprille in each of the components that make up the EPIC Acronym.

Engagement – I knew I needed to engage with my followers, but I am going to be honest with you (that’s why you are here right?), I wasn’t as consistent as I could have been and I lacked greatly in my follow-ups. I was all over the place and was focusing on way too many things. Once I narrowed down my focus, defined my target audience and decided to work on THAT SPECIFIC AREA until I get where I want to be then move to the next, amazing things started happening.

Positioning – Piggybacking off of Engagement, clarity was a huge issue with me that I had to face. It was hard to position myself for greatness when I wasn’t clear with what I actually wanted to accomplish. When you aren’t clear with where you are going, you oftentimes may find yourself running in circles. that exactly what I was doing.

Impact – I was clear about one thing and that is my WHY. My WHY is my princesses and the life I want to give them. My passion is helping women to be confident with who they are without any boundaries or stipulations that society my place on them. BUT it was time for me to create a community and by listening to Aprille talk about how important that is, I did just that and created the Official #IAmSimplyBeautiful Ladies Group. It started small, but is slowly gaining members who want to support one another on their journeys towards self-love and achieving their dreams. Many of the members actually got to meet in February in Atlanta for the release party for the Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2 Book Launch Party. Nothing is more amazing than meeting “sisters” in-person that you may have connected with online for months or even years.

Creating Consistent CashFlow – This has been the biggest issue for me. Have you ever just felt “stuck” in your business? Have you ever felt like you are just doing to “do” and the money isn’t coming like you thought it would? I realized my problem..I was doing everything, BUT putting my focus towards making money…Why have a business in the first place if your goal isn’t to make money? At Nikki Woods’s Spotlight Conference, Aprille showed so many ways to turn your book into cashflow and those ideas have helped me map out exactly what I need to do to take things to the next level. Sometimes we tend to overthink things and make things harder than they really are.

These were just a few things I learned as an #EpicAmbassador and was able to implement BEFORE the conference that is happening THIS WEEKEND. From the coaching calls to the Twitter parties, I was constantly encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone. I can’t thank Aprille, Ebony Combs (Lead Ambassador, #EpicCon2016 Media Correspondent), Ms. Ronda White, and Courtney enough. 🙂


I leave in the morning to head to Oklahoma City for the conference and I am just walking on Cloud 9 right now for the opportunity to be able to meet so many amazing people and the speakers are beyond EPIC! <See Below> Speakers will be sharing nuggets on an array of topics. Visit here for more information.



Tory Johnson from Good Morning America will be the Keynote Speaker!






Aprille Franks-Hunt is the Master Coach and President of Coach, Speak, & Serve and is the Visionary of the Epic Conference.




The best part of the weekend (in my opinion) is going to happen on Saturday evening when Aprille will premier her first film, Unbroken Resilience that was birthed from Chapter 3 of her memoir.



After taking some time off from dating to focus on life as a single mother of Shania, 19-year-old April is introduced to Daniel by her neighbor Lisa. Little did April know meeting Daniel would change her life in ways that will rock her entire world and activate a resilient spirit she didn’t know she had!

Imagine: Being 19 years old and hopeful about the world and how you’d grow up to do the things you’ve been wanting to since childhood….only to have the most intimate piece of you stolen like a thief in the night. Imagine all of your naivety being painted over with tar and the purity of your thoughts about the world, warped. Imagine being deceived and manipulated by someone you want to trust. Imagine drowning or burning in a fire – or being on the brink of ending it all.

Aprille Franks-Hunt‘s new short film is about RESILIENCY.

(From the Official Website for the film)

If you are attending the conference, you have made a fabulous decision and I look forward to meeting you there. If not, please follow the #EpicCon2016 and #EpicAmbassador posts across all social media platforms for tidbits, takeaways, pictures and more from the conference.

If you are not a member of Aprille’s Coach, Speak, & Serve Lounge group on Facebook, do yourself a beyond wonderful favor and add yourself to the group. It is not just a group, but a community of authors, speakers, coaches, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that are there to support you in what you desire to accomplish.

The countdown is almost complete! It’s time to get EPIC!


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