My BOSI Entrepreneurial DNA

My primary entrepreneur DNA is opportunist and according to BOSI my strengths are finding new money-making opportunities, promoting something I believe in and being optimistic even after the toughest setbacks. My built-in weaknesses are maintaining consistent, long-term income, saying “No” to money-making opportunities and doing important administrative/repetitive tasks.

My secondary entrepreneur DNA is Innovator. According to BOSI, it is the part of me that comes up with breakthrough ideas and product. It gives me an  almost limitless innovation pipeline, but I agree that it keeps me in the lab of the business and away from the management activities and that can leaving a gaping hole in the business. That is where a virtual assistant and project manager comes in for my business.

I am highly creative and I am always thinking outside of the box. Multiple-income streams are my goal, but I have learned from coaches that I need to focus on one thing, get it done AND launch it before focusing on another. I think that has really helped me to not try to do 10 things at once and none of them actually gets done or done RIGHT.

Red-lights included me managing the operations and finances for the company and me spending time working on something else instead of promoting what I already have. I addresses those above. A virtual assistant and product manager helps me stay on track and deals with customer relations and my coaches have helped me plan out what I want to do, so that I am finishing what I start.

Green-lights are someone else with builder or specialist DNA is running my company, I am involved in business development of my company and I have a business/personal coach. Those are all things that I have really worked on this past year and I now feel more organized  and that things are running more smoothly.

“Your primary area of gifting is in business development. If you’re not spending most of your time in a RAINMAKER capacity, you’re not leveraging your most powerful strengths.” – This was the final recommendation it gave me and again I think this profile is very accurate. I just partnered with someone for a business project who is a builder (yes, I had her take this assessment) 🙂 and I can already see how well we work together. I can be in the lab tweaking things to be just right while she makes sure we are meeting deadlines and keeping the clients informed on what is going on.

Basic BOSI “My Results” Profile. (n.d.). Retrieved May 10, 2016, from


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